Legislative Update

The Second Regular Session of the 71st General Assembly adjourned on May 9, 2018.  A record 721 bills were introduced, and of those bills, 57 were introduced after the 100th day of a 120-day session. Here is the final status of my bills and links to the legislation. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you - the people of Fort Collins at the State Capitol, and I am working hard to represent the public interest.

Status Updates for Sponsored 2018 General Assembly Bills ...

SB-084: Protection of Minor Victims of Human Trafficking SB18-084; concerning enhancing protections for minors who are victims of human trafficking. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Lundeen & Landgraf; passed Sen. Health & Human Services 2/15 (5-0); Appropriations 4/3 (7-0); Judiciary 4/9 postponed indefinitely.

SB-142: Pilot Project for Sustainable Communities SB18-142; concerning the creation of a pilot project to facilitate sustainable communities based on affordable housing. Sponsors: Kefalas & Crowder/ Herod & Melton; Sen. State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 2/12 postponed indefinitely.

SB-145: Implement Employment First Recommendations SB18-145; concerning the implementation of employment first advisory partnership recommendations to advance competitive integrated employment for persons with disabilities. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Ginal; passed Sen. Business, Labor, & Technology 2/28 (7-0)Appropriations 4/10 (6-1); 2nd Reading 4/16 Sen. 3rd Reading (30-5); House HHS 5/1 (8-4); APPS 5/4 (8-5); 3rd Reading 5/7 (38-27); Sen. Repass (29-6); sent to Gov. 

SB-146:  Freestanding Emergency Departments Required Consumer Notices SB18-146; concerning a requirement that a freestanding emergency department inform a person who is seeking medical treatment about the health care options that are available to the person. Sponsors: Kefalas & Smallwood/ Singer & Sias; passed Sen. Health & Human Services 2/14 (4-1); Finance 2/20 (4-0); Appropriations 2/27 (7-0); 3rd Reading 3/5 (33-2); House Health, Insurance & Environment 3/15 (11-2); Finance 3/26 (12-1); Appropriations 4/6 (12-1); 3rd Reading 4/9 (51-12-2); Sen. Repass (31-3-1); Governor signed 4/25.

SB-153: Behavioral Health Care Related to Suicide Ideation SB18-153; concerning the quality of behavioral health care related to suicide, and, in connection therewith, improving care coordination between behavioral health professionals. Sponsor: Kefalas; Sen. State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 2/14 postponed indefinitely.

SB-208: Create Governor's Mansion Maintenance Fund; concerning the creation of the governor's mansion maintenance fund SB18-208. Sponsors: Kefalas & Baumgardner/Esgar & Hansen; passed Sen. Finance 3/27 (5-0); Appropriations 4/3 (7-0); 3rd Reading 4/5 (34-0-1); House Finance 4/16 (9-4); 3rd Reading 4/26 (47-18); sent to Gov. 

SB-232Calculation for Art in Public Places Requirement SB18-232; concerning a clarification of the calculation used to determine the amount of money that must be spent to acquire works of art for capital construction projects that are the subject of a lease-purchase agreement. Sponsors:  Kefalas & Sonnenberg/ Esgar & Hansen; Sen. Finance 4/12 (5-0); 3rd Reading 4/17 (33-2); House Finance 4/30 (7-6); 3rd Reading 5/1 (42-20-3); sent to Gov. 

SB-267: Create Justice Center Maintenance Fund SB18-267; concerning the creation of the justice center maintenance fund. Sponsors: Kefalas & Baumgardner/ Becker & Hansen; Sen. Finance 4/24 (5-0); Appropriations 4/26 (7-0); 3rd Reading 4/30 (35-0); House Appropriations (12-1); 3rd Reading 5/7 (59-6);

HB-1004: Continue Child Care Contribution Tax Credit HB18-1004; concerning the continuation of the income tax credit for a qualifying contribution to promote child care in the state. Sponsors: Kefalas & Tate/ Coleman & Wilson; passed House Finance 1/29 (9-4); House Appropriations 4/19 (9-4); 3rd Reading 4/20 (39-22-4); Sen. Finance 4/26 (4-1); Appropriations 5/1 (5-2); 3rd Reading 5/4 (28-6-1); sent to Gov. .

HB-1021: Task Force for Youth Experiencing Homelessness HB18-1021; concerning addressing the issue of youth who are experiencing homelessness in Colorado. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Hooton; passed House Public Health Care & Human Services 1/30 (11-2); Appropriations 2/23 (9-4); 3rd Reading 3/9 (40-18); Sen. State, Veterans & Military Affairs 3/21 postponed indefinitely.

HB-1191: Local Government Alter Speed Limits HB18-1191; concerning a local authority's ability to alter speed limits within the local authority's jurisdiction. Sponsors: Kefalas & Martinez Humenik/ Winter; passed House Transportation & Energy 2/22 (9-3); 3rd Reading 2/27 (38-26); Sen. Local Government 3/13 (5-1); 3rd Reading 3/23 (20-15); House Repass 4/3 (37-27-1);Governor signed 4/23.

HB-1255: Childhood Cancer Awareness Special License Plate HB18-122; concerning the creation of a childhood cancer awareness license plate. Sponsors: Kefalas & Cooke/ Duran & Carver; passed House Transportation & Energy 3/21 (12-1); referred to Finance 4/25 (12-1); 3rd Reading 4/30 (51-12-2); Sen. Finance 5/2 (5-0); Appropriations 5/3 (6-0); 3rd Reading 5/4 (33-1-1); sent to Gov.

HB-1277: BEST Building Excellent Schools Today Financial Assistance Grant Application Requirements HB18-1277; concerning a requirement that an application for a "Building Excellent Schools Today Act" grant of financial assistance for public school capital construction include a plan for the future use or disposition of any existing public school facility that the applicant will stop using for its current use if it receives the grant. Sponsors: Kefalas & Baumgardner/ Becker & Esgar; House Education 3/26 (10-0); 3rd Reading 4/3 (63-0-2); Sen. Education 4/18 (6-0); 3rd Reading 4/24 (35-0); sent to Gov. 

HB-1282: Health Care Provider Unique Identification Per Site Or Service HB18-1282; concerning a requirement that a health care provider include certain identifying information on all claims for reimbursement for health care services. Sponsors: Kefalas & Smallwood/ Lontine & Sias; passed House Health, Insurance & Environment 3/15 (12-1); 3rd Reading 4/5 (34-0-1); House Repass 4/9 (59-4-2); Governor signed 4/25.

HB-1284: Disclosure of Prescription Costs at Pharmacies HB18-1284; concerning the cost of prescription drugs purchased at a pharmacy. Sponsors: Kefalas & Martinez Humenik/ Buckner & Wilson; House Health, Insurance, & Environment 3/29 (12-1); 3rd Reading 4/5 (57-5-3); Sen. Health & Human Services 4/12 (5-0); 3rd Reading 4/19 (34-1); Governor signed 4/30.

HB-1315: Manufactured Home Sales Tax Exemption HB18-1315; concerning the expansion of the sales and use tax exemption for manufactured homes constructed in compliance with a federal safety act. Sponsors: Kefalas & Lundberg/ McLachlan & Becker; House Finance 4/9 (13-0); Appropriations 4/26 (11-2); 3rd Reading 4/27 (61-3-1); Sen. Finance 5/2 (5-0); Appropriations 5/7 (7-0); 3rd Reading 5/8 (35-0); sent to Gov. 

HB-1321: Efficient Administration Medicaid Transportation HB18-1321; concerning efficient administration of nonemergency medical transportation within the existing benefit under the medical assistance program, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing an appropriation. Sponsors: Moreno & Martinez Humenik & Kefalas/ McKean & Arndt; House HIE 4/12 (10-3); Appropriations 4/23 (9-4); Sen. State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 5/2 (3-2); Appropriations 5/7 (5-2); 3rd Reading 5/8 (26-9); House Repass 5/8 (42-23); sent to Gov. 

HB-1346: Abuse Of Youth Under 21 in Care of Institution HB18-1346; concerning child abuse related to youth who are under the continuing jurisdiction of the court in an out-of-home placement when they are younger than twenty-one years of age. Sponsors: Kefalas & Smallwood/ Singer & Landgraf; House Public Health Care & Human Services 4/10 (7-2); 3rd Reading 4/17 (50-13-2); Sen. Health & Human Services 4/26 (4-0); 3rd Reading 5/1 (35-0); House Repass 5/4 (48-12-5); sent to Gov. 

HB-1348: Child Welfare Information and Services HB18-1348; concerning families involved in the child welfare system, and, in connection therewith, prioritizing services and providing support for foster parents. Sponsors: Kefalas & Gardner/ Singer & Landgraf; House Committee on Public Health Care & Human Services 4/10 (9-1); 3rd Reading (57-6-2); Sen. State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 4/23 (5-0); 3rd Reading 4/26 (35-0); sent to Gov. 

HB-1371: Capital Construction Budget Items HB18-1371; concerning capital construction budget items, and, in connection therewith, codifying the three-year period that capital construction budget items remain available and clarifying the deadlines for the submission of capital construction budget requests, budget request amendments, and budget request amendments that are related to a request for a supplemental appropriation. Sponsors: Kefalas & Baumgardner/ Esgar & Becker; House Finance 4/16 (13-0); 3rd Reading 4/18 (61-1-3); Sen. Finance 4/24 (4-0); 3rd Reading 4/26 (35-0); sent to Gov. 

HB-1372: Exempt Fund From Capital Construction Funding Mechanism HB18-1372; concerning an exemption of the regional center depreciation account in the capital construction fund from the definition of cash fund for purposes of the requirements under the automatic cash fund funding mechanism for payment of future costs attributable to certain of the state's capital assets. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Esgar & Becker; House Finance 4/16 (13-0); 3rd Reading (61-1-3); Sen. Finance (5-0); 3rd Reading (35-0); sent to Gov. 

HB-1373: Private Entities Use State Telecommunications Network HB18-1373; concerning the use of the state telecommunications network by private entities through public-private partnerships, and, in connection therewith, relocating laws related to the state telecommunications network from the department of public safety's statutes to the statutes regarding telecommunications coordination within state government. Sponsors: Kefalas & Baumgardner/ Becker & Hansen; House Business Affairs and Labor 4/16 (12-1); 3rd Reading 4/25 (64-0-1); Sen. Finance 5/2 (5-0); 3rd Reading (34-0-1); sent to Gov. 

HB-1374: Controlled Maintenance Financed Acquired Prop HB18-1374; concerning controlled maintenance needs of real property acquired through a lease-purchase agreement. Sponsors: Kefalas & Baumgardner/ Hansen & Esgar; House Finance 4/16 (8-5); 3rd Reading (42-19-4); Sen. Finance 4/24 (5-0); 3rd Reading 4/26 (35-0); House Repass 5/3 (44-21); sent to Gov. 

HB-1380: Grants For Property Tax Rent and Heat HB18-1380; concerning the property-related expense assistance grants for low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Weissman & Exum; House Public Health Care & Human Services 4/24 (8-4); Appropriations (8-5); 3rd Reading (37-27-1); Sen. State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 5/3 postponed indefinitely.

HB-1394: Update Colorado Disaster Emergency Act HB18-1394; concerning amendments to the Colorado disaster emergency act to address all phases of emergency management. Sponsors: Kefalas & Cooke/ Singer & McKean; House Local Government 4/19 (13-0); Appropriations 4/26 (10-3); 3rd Reading 4/27 (50-14-1); Sen. Finance 5/2 (3-2); Appropriations 5/3 (4-3); 3rd Reading 5/4 (50-14-1); House Repass 5/7 (49-16); sent to Gov. 

HB-1419: Oil Gas Operators Disclosures Wellhead Integrity HB18-1419; concerning additional safety requirements for oil and gas operators, and, in connection therewith, requiring the disclosure of the location of subsurface facilities and the sharing of oil and gas operators' development plans with affected local governments and requiring rules regarding wellhead integrity. Sponsors: Kefalas & Jones/ Foote & Jackson; House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 4/25 (6-3); Appropriations 4/27 (8-5); 3rd Reading 5/1 (35-29-1); Sen. State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 5/2 postponed indefinitely.

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