Legislative Update

The 2018 Legislative Session is now underway with bills being introduced in the Senate and House, and committees of reference are hearing bills. With various legislative deadlines upon us, the multi-tasking is picking up speed and intensity. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you - the people of Fort Collins at the State Capitol, and I am working hard to represent the public interest.

Status Updates for Sponsored 2018 General Assembly Bills ...

SB-084: Protection of Minor Victims of Human Trafficking SB18-084; concerning enhancing protections for minors who are victims of human trafficking. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Lundeen & Landgraf; introduced 1/16; Health & Human Services referred amended to Appropriations 2/15.

SB-142: Pilot Project for Sustainable Communities SB18-142; concerning the creation of a pilot project to facilitate sustainable communities based on affordable housing. Sponsors: Kefalas & Crowder/ Herod & Melton; introduced 1/29; assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs; postponed indefinitely 2/12.

SB-145: Implement Employment First Recommendations SB18-145; concerning the implementation of employment first advisory partnership recommendations to advance competitive integrated employment for persons with disabilities. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Ginal; introduced 1/29; Business, Labor, & Technology referred amended to Appropriations 2/28.

SB-146:  Freestanding Emergency Departments Required Consumer Notices SB18-146; concerning a requirement that a freestanding emergency department inform a person who is seeking medical treatment about the health care options that are available to the person. Sponsors: Kefalas & Smallwood/ Singer & Sias; introduced 1/29; Health & Human Services referred amended to Finance 2/14; Finance referred to Appropriations 2/20; Appropriations referred to Senate Committee of the Whole 2/27; Senate 2nd Reading, passed 3/1.

SB-153: Behavioral Health Care Related to Suicide Ideation SB18-153; concerning the quality of behavioral health care related to suicide, and, in connection therewith, improving care coordination between behavioral health professionals. Sponsor: Kefalas; introduced 1/29; assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs; postponed indefinitely 2/14

HB-1004: Continue Child Care Contribution Tax Credit HB18-1004; concerning the continuation of the income tax credit for a qualifying contribution to promote child care in the state. Sponsors: Kefalas & Tate/ Coleman & Wilson; introduced 1/10; House Committee on Finance referred amended to Appropriations 1/29.

HB-1021: Task Force For Youth Experiencing Homelessness HB18-1021; concerning addressing the issue of youth who are experiencing homelessness in Colorado. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Hooton; introduced 1/10; House Committee on Public Health Care & Human Services referred amended to Appropriations 1/30; House 3rd Reading 3/5.

HB-1191: Local Government Alter Speed Limits HB18-1191; concerning a local authority's ability to alter speed limits within the local authority's jurisdiction. Sponsors: Kefalas & Martinez Humenik/ Winter; introduced 2/2; assigned to Transportation & Energy.

HB-1255: Childhood Cancer Awareness Special License Plate HB18-122; concerning the creation of a childhood cancer awareness license plate. Sponsors: Kefalas & Cooke/ Duran & Carver; introduced 2/22; assigned to Transportation & Energy.

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