Legislative Update

The 2017 Legislative Session is now underway with bills being introduced in the Senate and House, and committees of reference are hearing bills. With various legislative deadlines upon us, the multi-tasking is picking up speed and intensity. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you - the people of Fort Collins at the State Capitol, and I am working hard to represent the public interest.

Status Updates For Introduced Bills I'm Currently Sponsoring ...

SB-040: Public Access to Government Files sb17-040; concerning public access to files maintained by governmental bodies. Sponsors: Kefalas, Gardner/Pabon; introduced 1/11; Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Refer Amended to Appropriations 3/11. Senate second reading 3/17, laid over to 3/21- no amendments.

SB-064: License Freestanding Emergency Departments sb17-064; concerning the licensing of freestanding emergency departments that provide emergency care outside a hospital setting. Sponsors: Kefalas/Lontine; introduced 1/13; assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Comm; postponed indefinitely 2/13.

SB-098: Mobile Home Parks sb17-098; concerning mobile home parks, and, in connection therewith, promoting home ownership, protecting property rights, and providing incentives to local governments to preserve and develop mobile home park communities. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Ginal; introduced 1/27; assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Comm.; postponed indefinitely 2/13.

SB-110: Accessibility of Exempt Family Child Care sb17-110; concerning expanding the number of unrelated children to no more than four to qualify for license-exempt family child care. Sponsors: Kefalas & Crowder; House Third Reading passed 3/14/2017 - No Amendments.

SB-205: Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Funding sb17-205; concerning multimodal transportation infrastructure funding. Sponsors: Kefalas / Rosenthal; introduced 2/28; assigned to Transportation.

HB-1002: Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credit Extension hb17-1002; concerning the extension of the income tax credit for child care expenses paid by a resident individual with a federal adjusted gross income of twenty-five thousand dollars or less. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Petterson & Exum; introduced 1/11; assigned to Finance & Appropriations Comm.; House Committee on Finance Refer Unamended to Appropriations 2/27.

HB-1056: Criminal Sentencing Community Service Veterans Organizations hb17-1056; concerning the eligibility of a veterans' service organization to accept public service assignments offered in connection with misdemeanor sentencing. Sponsors: Kefalas/ Weissman; introduced 1/11; passed through House Judiciary Comm and House 2nd and third readings; Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments 3/06.

HB-1090: Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit Extension hb17-1090; concerning the extension of an income tax credit for investors who make a quality investment into a qualified small business from an advanced industry equal to a percentage of the investment. Sponsors: Kefalas & Gardner/ Kraft-Tharp & Wilson; introduced 1/19; assigned to Appropriations Comm. House Committee on Finance Refer Unamended to Appropriations 3/1.

HB-1098: Damages For Loss Of Use Of Rental Motor Vehicles hb17-1098; concerning damages for loss of use of a rental motor vehicle. Sponsors: Kefalas & Lunberg/ Pabon & Liston; introduced 1/19: Assigned to Business Affairs and Labor Comm; postponed indefinitely 2/21.

HB-1115: Direct Primary Health Care Services hb17-1115; concerning the establishment of direct primary health care agreements to operate without regulation by the division of insurance. Sponsors: Buck & Ginal / Tate & Kefalas; introduced 3/10; assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology.

HB-1139: Medicaid Provider Compliance Billing Safety Rules hb17-1139; concerning improving medicaid client protections through effective enforcement of medicaid provider requirements. Sponsors: Kefalas & Humenik/ Michaelson Jenet & Landgraf; introduced 2/1; assigned to Public Health Care & Human Services Comm.

HB-1200: Update Public Benefit Corporation Requirements hb17-1200; concerning modification of the laws regulating public benefit corporations. Sponsors: Gray & Wist; 3/09 House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor Refer Unamended to Appropriations.
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